HS: BluesIsArt Podcast Number 1, Sean Carney Show Notes - Something unrelated to music that you love doing - Handling the “Dead space” between songs, banter etc. *Jimmy Thackery, Ruthie Foster. - Carrying the banter into the songs - How weird are you? - Difficulties of the road. **Bill Stuvy, **Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers - Touring Blues Musician...suddenly bleak..road stories - Unexpected influences: **Tom Waits, **Ronnie James Dio - What point in the gig is your favorite? European Audiences VS American Audiences. - Describe your worst gig….ever. Marvin the Blues Cat - How to use silence to your advantage… - Sean Carney…teaching jazzartsgroup.org, seancarney.com blues.org - If Blues is a feeling…when do you feel it? - Being a singer..in relation to guitar. *Billy Gibbons quote - What facet of the guitar is most important to you? - What other career would you pursue if you couldn’t play music? - How to retain humility and understand your ego. - Background in Journalism and how it relates to being interviewed. - **Charles Brown - Did you know you were going to be a musician? - What one nugget of advice would you give a beginning Blues Guitarist? - **Hank Marr advice. - Sean sings a song on the way out…. - “You Better Move On”. Arthur Alexander - Keva Music, Spartan Music, Painted Desert BMI.