I was taken by surprise this summer when I stopped and donated some items to my local food pantry.  I wasn't prepared to feel so overwhelmed at how much my small donation meant to the people who were waiting in line to immediately receive it.  I was moved to tears.  I realized that I needed to try a hell of a lot harder.  I will be raising money all year long to fight hunger all over the country through the Feeding America Charity.  Feeding America is a top-rated charity as ranked by  Later this year I'll be auctioning a guitar signed by some of the biggest names in the Blues today.  All proceeds..of the Feeding America fundraiser.  If you don't have the funds to contribute please consider donating your time to your local food bank.  You can find a food bank near you by clicking HERE.  It's also REALLY EASY to start a food drive by clicking HERE.   Thank you for help.