Host Hadden in your Home!

I’d like to play in your living room.


I perform a concert for you and your friends exactly the same way I do a regular show in-person.  You and I choose a date for the event.  You invite your friends...  I'll take over and perform songs and stories in the well-lit. intimate surroundings of  your home.  

We can do it outdoors as well.  I've played many "Deck Concerts" in many beautiful backyards!

Outdoor House concerts are typically 35-60 people attending with a suggested donation of $20 apiece. However I've done many intimate indoor shows with much smaller numbers  and they've been amazing.   All you have to do is move the furniture and dim the lights.  I’ll take it from there. 
Seriously..there are a few other easy details but its basically as simple as that.   We will schedule a brief phone call and I will expound on the details.

Fill out the form on the opposite side of the page or drop me an email at   #haddeninthehouse

Hadden in the HOUSE!

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Hadden Sayers House Concert! 

The first thing we need to do is establish an agreeable date for the performance. This is a date that works for the majority of your guests…especially the ones who inspire others to follow their lead. Steering clear of holidays and weekends is best. The strongest opportunity to get your friends’ attention is on a night when we aren’t competing for it. That’s why the best nights for House Concerts are Sunday thru Thursday. 

Promoting your house concert is a critical component. 

Promoting your show can be done in a number of ways; in person, by email, phone calls, text messages, social media events, etc. If you are so inclined, you could even create handmade, hard copy invitations, record a quick cell phone video invitation, or even create a website for the event. Most importantly, you should utilize ALL of the methods available to you when inviting people to your house concert. Sure, create a Facebook event, but also call, text, and tell your friends in person often. Make sure you include the important details: date, time, location, and the suggested donation amount and always follow the communication rule of three: 1) tell people what your are going to tell them,2) tell them, 3) then tell them what you've already told them. 

​ As you invite people, keep in mind that house concerts are for music lovers. Consider inviting more than just your closest friends. Think of friends, neighbors, family members, acquaintances, gym buddies, church folks, social club chums, and co-workers you know who really enjoy music. These are the people who will most likely enjoy your house concert. Maybe this will be a good way to get better acquainted with your friendly coffee house barista who is always asking about your cool band t-shirts. If you are able to come up with 50 - 60 different names to invite, you will definitely have 20 - 40 people who will say "yes". For the average home, 40 guests is a sold out show, which is how you want it to feel.

July 2024