1. Burnin' Up

From the recording Hard Dollar

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Burnin' Up

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Too many nights on the highway. Too many days on the road. Between a rock and a hard place and still a long way from home.


I’m burnin’ up burnin’ up with a fever and baby you’re the only cure. I’m burnin’ up burnin’ up with a fever and everything I want is yours. Hey Hey.

Rolling through Louisiana, flying over Tennessee. Broke down in California but you’re the only think I see.



You’re the kind of lover everybody and his brother is looking for and never gonna find. I’m the kind of man who doesn’t know just what he has til it’s gone. Gone gone.

Sleeping all night in a phone booth. Calling your number in vain. Seems every time I get a good thing I find a way to turn it into pain.


I’m burnin up……..