1. Never Never

From the recording SuperSonic

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Never Never

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And if you see me passin' by and you hang your head like you wanna cry...cry on baby. I know just how you're feeling.
And there's somebody new by your side. Just keep telling yourself that you're satisfied...satisfied is the furthest thing from my mind.

Cause I'll never...never never let you forget about me.

If you're running around with your friends somebody asks you how I've been. You say you don't know and somebody's lying.

You can build your life again and again but its the same glass house you've been livin in yeah. Ain't no sense denyin'.

Cause I'll never, never never let you forget about me.

Time slips away with the clock on the wall.
Leaves you alone like the leaves in the fall.
I got a feelin' burnin' inside of me
Cause I know you'll never be free of me.

Lock on a door only has one key. As it happens its the same way for you and me. Cause I'll never let it go. and I'll never, never never let you for get about me.