1. Solitude

From the recording SuperSonic

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It happens just about every night
I wait for you to walk under my streetlight
Watch you walk on by from my mask of darkness

The further you get down the road so cold and wet
I'm tempted by the sway of your silhouette
to break the silence of my hiding and let you know I'm alive


But what you don't know won't hurt you
Like it’s killing me inside
I can't afford to risk my freedom
So I continue to hide
In Solitude...

Tomorrow I'll awake in the early hours
drag myself from my bed, stumble my way to the shower
Your vision never leaving my head

Don't get me wrong I haven’t gone astray
In fact I had my chance and let it slip away
‘Cause I knew no better and I called another my own


I'll be over it soon enough
Neither one of us will know what the other was made of
but sometimes that's better than love