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Better All the Time

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Better All the Time
H. Sayers

I’m living in a world that moves in slow motion
I can feel the sun go down but I can’t stop the rain
And I’m underneath a tree with gigantic branches
But the leaves are falling down and I can’t find the shade

I’m looking for a star to guide me to reason
But the fog is hanging low and I can’t find the way
And I’m living in a car and its so close to freezing’
Could you spare some gasoline and I’ll be on my way


I can’t find a reason to cry on your shoulder
So I’ll just keep walking on by
And every change in the Seasons sees me getting older
I guess that can suit me just fine
Its getting better all the time

I’m walking in the dark with no light to guide me
But I got my senses on it’s a sunshiny day
And I’m shootin for the heart and if you don’t believe me
When it all comes crashing down the love will light the way