1. Sweet Suzanne
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Sweet Suzanne

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Make me your lover, I wanna get next to you
Make me uncover all the things you do.
give to me the answers.
but not to the voices in my head.
make me your lover, baby won't you lead me to your bed.

and take me in your good lovin' arms and make me your man
I could never do you no harm, reach for my hand and lead me home...
sweet Suzanne

Make me remember all the things you do
Speak to me tenderly, baby i wanna be more than just your fool.
let the clouds start breaking off in the west that is our love.
make me remember yeah, what it is I'm made of.

Take me in your good lovin arms and make me your man. I could never do
you no harm , reach for my hand and lead me home sweet Suzanne.

Baby I believe in you, sweet Suzanne, and every word I say is true sweet

We could never fade away, sweet Suzanne, and we both know that there's no
other way for sweet Suzanne.