From the recording RetroFutura


Finer than the Road 5:35

The moan of the tires on the road is my lullaby.
Like the whine of my midnight radio.
The still of the night, tainted only by my two beams of light, serves to
soothe my troubled soul.


'Cause she's fine and don't it show
She's mine and everybody knows
She's finer than the road.

the shine of the lights is comin at me like my lover's eyes
Like the stars raining down outside my window
At the end of the night, beginning with my Dawn's early light is gonna
find me winding my way home.


The bends and the turns seem to guide me to another seperate place in time.
Like the weight I can feel underneath my heavy load.
As I drive on through the night, I'm never once losing sight of the one
and the only thing finer than the road.