From the recording RetroFutura

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I had a lover just like no other
she was sweet like the blue in the sky
she was a looker so I just took her
she had long legs and stars in her eyes
she took me for a ride I will never forget.
and I ain't over it yet.

Ooh she was pretty, from Texas City
with a smile that could light up the night
She showed me passion in southern fashion
with an honesty that I can't deny
she loved me so long i decided to try
but there was no way to say goodbye.

No way to say goodbye
well I lose control and then I'm fit to be tied
she's got seduction with that look in her eye
if you expect the best you won't be denied
No way to say goodbye

Well I was down'a in louisiana
Down in Lafayette just passin' my time
when I saw something and I do mean something
that was so sweet she put me out of my mind.
She had a body like the cover of a magazine
If you know what I mean...

Well I went crazy and nobody saved me
from this little cajun queen that I met.
I wasn't thinkin' me and Charlie started drinkin'
and you ain't heard the worst of it yet.
She loved me so long I was hypnotized but there was
No way to say goodbye

Take me back to Texas......