Hadden Sayers

As soon as I bought this CD at Hadden's show in Niagara Falls it became a favorite of mine amongst a CD collection approaching 800 CD's - top twenty at least. I bought all of his CD's that night and enjoy them all but this one edges out the live CD as my favorite. The songwriting is original and insightful, top notch guitar work and a great voice make this a must have for all music lovers. I wish Hadden the best (he deserves it)- can't wait for the next release

From Australia:
This is very hard to categorise. It's a very original mix of BLUES - POWER POP and ROCK. Great band, great guitar, excellent original songs, intelligent lyrics, great vocals and all that from a virtual unknown. If you like musik that is original and totaly infectuous, look no further. This delivers on all counts and will turn you into a SAYER fan after the first listen.
Can't wait for the next SAYERS CD to be delivered. What a talent!

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