Hadden Sayers

"One of the year's strongest independently distributed adult rock albums; 12 Bars and the Naked Truth."

Like so many significant "adult rock" artists (READ: fans are 35+), Sayers hails from the great state of Texas. On this, his fifth album, Sayers brings a ultra mature sound, distinctive from many of the Texas artists and very clearly not under the auspices of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. After his last album's (Supersonic) edgy rock sound, Sayers has moved to a complete focus on the song and done it well. At a time when two good songs on an album has become a standard, Sayers has the skills to string together a full length album of well above average songs (a rarity in today's `thanks to technology we can make albums much, much longer than really necessary' recording industry.)

Do it for the passion. For me, today, what so many mature rock bands lack is commitment to passion: a willingness to lean into the storm and risk a bit of who they are, their control, in exchange for a well crafted song, a well performed song.

`12 Bars & the Naked Truth' finds Sayers singing on day-to-day live issues that many of his listeners will be able to relate to; that living in the moment is important to happiness (These are the Good Old Days) and dealing with folks you may rather not have had to deal with (Mister Know-It-All) "Why would you compromise when you're so wise?" "You better pray for rain, you don't know rain like I do."

Sayers sexy baritone vocals set off well against his tasteful guitar licks and rhythm section that plods along solidly. What's it sound like? Straight ahead Tom Petty coming from Texas rather than Florida.

In a possibly unconscious nod to great songwriters, like Ray Davies (Kinks) before him, Sayers sings of a Sunday afternoon but in this case the focus is on love gone awry. On the song `Complicated' Sayers lays out the average male mental gymnastics of dealing with the so-called more delicate sex. "I'm easy, so easy, you can read my mind with just one look into my eyes. I'm not brilliant or amazing; wear my heart on my sleeve but that's the kind of thing you're looking for... but you're so complicated it's blows my mind. You're so sophisticated I wonder why? I'm forgiveful, and forgetful..."

A consummate self marketer, Sayers delivers a complete entertainment package to his fans; exceptional songwriting, very strong live performances, high quality packaging & imaging, an informative website that is replete with options to interact with the pop star including downloads and merchandise.

So don't take my word for it, check out '12 Bars' on a listening station or go to www.HaddenSayers.com and listen for yourself. Sayers SHOULD be a part of your album collection's future. You'll love the passion.

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