Hadden Sayers

First Album (1995)

Track List


I heard you think you've got it under control
and now you say you want to carry the load again
what kind of shape are you in?

I heard you think you wanna walk that line
and now you say you've done it time and time again
what kinda world are you livin' in?


Cause when the feelin takes ahold
and you ain't got no place to go
and you feel it in your soul

You'll be cryin for mercy.

I heard you think you've got the master plan
and now you say you're on the path to understanding
but you're barely standing

Ain't nothin wrong with showing confidence
Come on baby you should have the sense to know
love ain't touch and go.


Drop down on your knees and testify
Ain't no use in complainin if you can't see eye to eye.